Barn Owls and Battles as Lucas confronts Kate

Radio Times: Pat and Clarrie go back in time.

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  • Lucas and Kate are in bed. enjoying singing what sounds like a traditional lullaby to Nollie. A mutual appreciation scene ensues.
  • William and Eddie are out in the new car. Will it be just the thing to attract Emma Carter?, wonders Eddie. They stop when they see George with an injured Barn Owl at the side of the road. He’s going to take it to the vet. Eddie jokes that ‘oldies’ like George have all the time in the world.
  • Pat and Clarrie sing along to some loud music in the kitchen at Bridge Farm and discussing the forthcoming 60s party for their respective spouses. In particular the merits of caftans and cheesecloth shirts. According to Pat, Tony was the ‘babe-magnet’ of Ambridge in his day! Clarrie’s had a contribution from Alf towards Eddie’s birthday memory book. Unfortunately it’ s all about their youthful thieving episodes! The conversation turns to putting up the school protest posters, Pat says the Library group is closing and muses on the fact that so has the Cat and Fiddle, there are hardly any buses now too. How will they keep their children in Anbridge?
  • Chris and George are discussing the bird sanctuary they took the owl too. They were very impressed. George is now looking forward to ‘real’ retirement. They are going to offer Shula the chance to buy the house, as well as Chris’s half of the business. George raises the possibility of moving right away – what about Guernsey?
  • William and Eddie are busy shoveling manure. They’ve heard that Nick and Venetia have finally given up – they wont be moving nest door. Clarrie, apparently is cock-a-hoop. The lady herself arrives in great excitement – her wedding ring has been found under Jamie Perks’ bed at Bridge farm. He’s been playing magpies!
  • George and Chris turn up at Keeper’s Cottage fresh from their visit to Hay-on-Wye, they’ve come to report on the progress of the barn owl. Chris admires Clarrie’s new ring ( the one supposedly bought in ‘Aladdin’s cave’ to replace the missing wedding ring) According to Chris, Peggy saw a brooch in the same shop that is identical to one she lost years ago – what a coincidence!
  • An angry Lucas confronts Kate with a plane ticket she’s bought – return date – 3 months from now. He asks for an explanation – she wants to keep her options open. He points out that Kate is not the only one who loves Phoebe, neither is she the only one with rights. Worse still, she broke their agreement and deliberately misled Roy, her parents … and has lied to him.