Roy doesn’t believe Kate’s “holiday” plans

Radio Times: Kate will not offer proof.

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  • Kate’s scullduggery has started to alienate Lucas, although his “lack of understanding” is frustrating her. As Jennifer cooks breakfast, Kate refuses to expand on her plans for Phoebe and, having stormed out, leaves Jennifer trying to prize information out of a reluctant Lucas.
  • At St Stephen’s, Roy and Hayley are there with Phoebe … and then Kate. Roy would like a word so Hayley takes Phoebe and leaves them be. He wants Kate to see that she will need his permission for Phoebe to travel – and she lies when he asks about tickets, accusing him of being unfairly confrontational.
  • Clarrie’s attempts at a birthday book for Eddie are coming up short – although Joe’s found a box of old photos which should come in useful.
  • Out on a walk, Jennifer tries again with Lucas. He admits that Phoebe is the current bone of contention and Jennifer promises to gently tease more information out of her daughter … although Kate doesn’t really feel like talking on their return.
  • Over lunch Roy’s appetite is virtually nil. Hayley’s sure that if Phoebe is allowed to go with Kate her holiday will quickly turn much more permanent – and they can’t let that happen. Roy agrees and, finally following the advice of a nation, plans to talk to Usha tomorrow to place some legal obstacles in Kate’s path.