Bert and David have a narrow escape. Brenda gets a job. Will turns nasty.

Radio Times: Emma finds the magic solution.

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  • Brenda’s been to the university to sort out her future. She tells Emma and Tom all about it; she can’t leave Mike, so intends to reapply to Felpersham, and live at home. Emma immediately sees this as her golden opportunity – a jobshare partner for Jaxx.
  • David and Bert set out in the Landrover to check on the Herefords, and are forced off the track by a motorist tearing down the bridleway. The Landrover’s headlight is smashed, but the other driver says he’ll pay; he doesn’t want his insurance company involved. David shrugs it off, but Bert thinks there’s something odd about it. David sends Bert home for a hot bath, in case he stiffens up before his India trip.
  • Emma wastes no time in telling Kenton the good news. He’s pleased, if bewildered by the speed at which it’s happened. He suggests a celebratory hot chocolate, but Emma can’t stay; Will is bringing George back.
  • Kenton tells Brenda he’s thinking of asking Emma to cook him and Kathy a special Valentine’s meal. Brenda thinks Emma and Ed might have more romantic things to do, but she’s got no-one to spend Valentine’s night with, so she’ll cook them Spanish Chicken, and might drag Tom along to help. Kenton is delighted.
  • George has fallen asleep, so Will is late bringing him back, and earns another tirade from Emma. She foolishly says it’s difficult coped up in the caravan if George won’t go to sleep, and Will sees a chink in her armour. With menace in his voice, he asks if the romance is wearing thin. If things are difficult in the caravan, George can always come to him. In any case, one day George will be asking questions, and Will intends to tell him the whole story. As he leaves, Emma breaks down in floods of tears. What has she done to her little son?

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