Brenda is full of ideas, and Brian is full of praise.

Radio Times: Debbie returns to the fold.

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  • Debbie gets the four-star treatment on her return to Home Farm. Even Brian finds time to turn on the charm, though Adam’s a bit too preoccupied with lambing to show much delight.
  • Brenda goes with Tom to buy a trailer for the Gourmet Grills, and on the way, offers plenty of suggestions for marketing them. She wants to have a pitch at the Lower Loxley Point-to-Point, though Tom thinks they’re too late for that one. She tells him that Mike is delighted that she’s going to live at home; he wept when she told him. But it will take the weight off Hayley.
  • Debbie does her best to restore cordial relations with Adam, even offering to help with the sheep. Adam thaws a little, and invites her round to Honeysuckle cottage.
  • Emma tells Brenda that the decree nisi will be posted this week. She wonders whether that accounts for Will’s mood, and decides she’ll try to be nicer to him.
  • Brenda persuades Elizabeth to let them have a pitch at Lower Loxley. Tom’s delighted, and Brenda gets a kiss as a reward. She capitalises on that by telling him he’ll be helping to cook a valentine’s dinner for Kenton and Kathy. A bemused Tom can only agree.
  • Brian continues to ladle on the charm, telling Debbie what a wonderful job she’s doing, and, by implication, what a loser Adam is. Even Debbie finds it hard to take.

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