Kenton cooks up a Valentine’s treat. Emma’s attempts at a peace treaty end in failure.

Radio Times: Kenton gets imaginative.

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  • Kathy begins her day off with a swim at Grey Gables, where she meets Ruth, who tells her that Pip’s birthday treat now involves Ruth having to produce triple chocolate fudge cake like GI Joe’s. Kathy offers to lend her a recipe book.
  • Caroline is fraught; a conglomerate is showing interest in Grey Gables, and is sending someone to look round, just when a shower has packed up and the handyman can’t be found.
  • Oliver calls at Jaxx, and hears Kenton’s tale of woe; he’s ordered Kathy a new cookery book online, but the delivery is 28 days, which will be far too late. Ever helpful, Oliver suggests having the old book rebound; he even knows someone who’ll do it.
  • Will picks George up, and Emma makes a big effort to be accommodating and pleasant, but Will meets it all with suspicion. Emma points out that the divorce will soon be through, and they have to move on – but when Will hears she’s going back to work, and that Ed will be looking after George some of the time, his mood grows ever blacker.
  • Kathy catches Kenton ferreting through her recipe books, and he’s forced into saying he’s decided to cook supper, by way of an excuse. He asks where her Gran’s cookbook is – he remembers a good recipe in there. Kathy says she’s lent it to Ruth for Pip’s birthday cake. Kenton has to rush round to Brookfield and get it back, without Kathy knowing.
  • Not only does Caroline have the Grey Gables situation to fret over, they’ve now agreed to take another foster child. Oliver calms her down; he’ll see to the child, and Caroline can worry about raising the necessary millions to buy the hotel.

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