Matt comes to the rescue. Carly comes to Grange Farm.

Radio Times: There’s a new arrival at Grange Farm.

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  • Things are tense at Grange Farm, as Caroline prepares to go and tell Jack and Peggy that she and Oliver still haven’t raised the money to buy Grey Gables. They’re not helped by the arrival of the monosyllabic Carly, their latest foster child.
  • At the Lodge, Jack and Peggy are feeding the birds. Gently, Peggy reminds Jack that not only is Caroline is coming round – but that they’ve had an offer for the hotel. A bird in the hand might be worth two in the bush.
  • Oliver tries valiantly to interest Carly in the house and the village, but gets the bored teenager ‘whatever’ treatment. Anxious to hear how Caroline got on, he takes Carly for lunch at Grey Gables, but she is not impressed by the gourmet menu.
  • Peggy leads the discussion, and asks Caroline how far she has got with raising the money. Caroline stands her ground, but is forced to admit that she hasn’t had an offer for either the Dower House or the Bull. Then Peggy drops her bombshell; they have an offer. But she adds that they’d like to sell to Caroline, but only if she can make a firm offer, while Jack is still fit to cope with business matters. They’re prepared to give her first refusal and wait a bit longer – but if a better offer comes in, they’ll have to think again.
  • Feeling rather more hopeful, Caroline runs into Matt outside the Lodge, who wants to talk business. She thinks he’s going to make an offer for the hotel, but he says he’s only interested in the country park, to increase his shooting. A very relieved Caroline says she’d be delighted to discuss the idea and then rushes to Grey Gables to tell Oliver.

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