Bert closes the gap in the ploughing contest. Jazzer tells Ed he is a fool to turn Fallon down.

Radio Times: Jazzer tries to be cruel to be kind.

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  • Plans are nearly in place for the school Open Day at Brookfield. Ruth is still worried about how long Bert’s talk is going to be! But Bert is more focussed on the ploughing match. But it’s worth it because he wins and now he might just stand a chance in the final.
  • Jazzer is trying to jolly Ed out of his mood. He hasn’t been in the Bull all week. But it just causes Ed to cut himself. Ed just can’t stand him going on about women all the time and they nearly come to blows. In the end Ed has to tell him that Fallon told him he loved her. Jazzer thinks he’s made to turn her down but Ed hasn’t ever thought of Fallon as anything other than a friend. Maybe it’s time he tried a change of mindset!
  • Lynda is feeling rather down and doesn’t have much to do with herself. She feels she’s been dismissed from BLife and tells all to Ruth. She knew it couldn’t last but it has left a gap in her life.

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