Lynda and Robert’s deception is discovered by Borchester Life. Will tries to help Emma through her troubles.

Radio Times: Robert has some explaining to do.

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  • Emma isn’t thrilled with her life. Cleaning is okay but it’s a job but not a career. Robert tends to agree with her. But Will seems more relaxed.
  • Robert gets an emergency call from Borchester Life. Serious problems! Need to keep the suits at bay! Call back! BL is furious to find that the monkey was sent to the Blaise interview instead of the organ grinder. Robert admits the deception. And it’s the end of the day for Mrs Snell.
  • Kenton persuades Kathy back into bed for a rest. She is clearly under the weather. Kenton decides to take the day off too and tries to give Kathy a day to relax.
  • Emma confesses to Will that she pretended George doesn’t exist. And they agree to meet for lunch in the Bull. Emma tells him everything. What sort of a person has she turned into to deny George. Will tries to make her feel better and she says she is happy for him. There is someone out there for Emma after all.

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