Fallon and Ed are both still very upset about Fallon’s revelations on Friday.

Radio Times: Fallon lives to regret the past.

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  • Ed is in quite a state about Fallon. He can’t concentrate on anything and puzzles Jazzer by not wanting to go to the Bull.
  • It’s the day of the fishing competition. Jamie, Josh and Phoebe seem to be enjoying themselves. Jamie just likes doing something different. Josh finally catches the biggest fish but Phoebe wins by catching more.
  • Kirsty can tell something is wrong with Fallon but she just says nothing happened on Friday. When she finally admits it was a disaster Kirsty tries to help but Fallon just wants to drop it.
  • Kirsty gets Ed on his own and tells him Fallon is in bits. But he won’t speak to Fallon – it’s not her, it’s him. It’s all so complicated. Kirsty is very apologetic to Fallon. She should never have convinced her to tell Ed but Fallon says she wanted to tell him – and now she just wishes she hadn’t.

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