Ed finds emotion difficult.

Radio Times: Fallon finally bites the bullet.

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  • Fallon has bought several new outfits. She’s booked a table for her and Ed at the new restaurant, and wants to look her best. Jolene offers advice and encouragement, and even the loan of her black and silver blouse, which Fallon rejects. Fallon’s upset when Jolene tells her about Emma and Calum.
  • Jennifer brings some empty bottles to Brookfield for the school visit. She’s looking forward to Barcelona, but says Brian is working all hours. He’s upset at the manner of Alice’s departure.
  • Bert practises his speech on the history of ploughing for Ruth. Tactfully, she suggests that he turns it into a poem. Maybe the children wouldn’t really appreciate a discourse on the nature of ploughing in ancient times.
  • Adam and Jennifer have a drink at The Bull. Alice has been in touch with everyone except Brian, and he’s hurt.
  • The new restaurant is all that Fallon could wish for, though Ed rather spoils it by saying he had a burger on the way. He thinks she’s got a date, because she looks so lovely. Fallon interrupts him, and says she loves him – it’s all for him. Taken aback, Ed is speechless, then mumbles that he thought they were just mates. Poor Fallon can’t take any more, and runs out, leaving a bemused Ed.

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