Bert contemplates making an entry into the world of cake-making.

Radio Times: Greg has a lesson for Helen.

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  • George is having a much needed clear-out and has offered Greg some game bags and traps. He ought to be packing and he ought to be getting ready for the Parish Council meeting but neither appeal as much as helping Greg dismantle the rearing pens. However, he has the good sense to make himself scarce when Helen turns up to help too.
  • Everyone who calls at Brookfield just now gets roped in to help with the packing and Usha is no exception. When Bert and David call in for a coffee, Usha is able to quiz Bert about her dahlias but he is not hopeful of a fair adjudication this year: he fears that the editor of the Echo has a conflict of interest. Usha alerts Bert to the existence of a new category, a Victoria Sponge class men-only; he thinks he would be the only entrant.
  • Greg and Helen are taking a break and Helen asks how he thought Friday went. It was fine. She also probes about his past. Greg is more interested in getting Helen’s ideas on a suitable present for Annette.
  • Bert is still weighing up whether to go in for the ploughing competion. Ruth’s mind is on the children, in particular how Josh will cope with birthday party at the swimming pool. David’s is on the Hassett Hills launch on Wednesday 19th September; he is concerned about getting a good crowd. Usha has a possible candidate, a friend of her brother’s with a chain of restaurants. David and Ruth are determined to make it work.

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