Phil’s sorting through his things and Helen and Greg go public in the Bull

Radio Times: Who is in the public eye?

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  • Phil and Jill are still passing on rubbish. Pat is very keen on the rhubarb forcing pots but she thinks they might be too valuable. They’ve heard Brian is very please Lillian seems finally to be on her way. It’ll be the first time he’s grateful to the Inland Revenue.
  • Helen rings Greg while he’s half way up a tree. He’s still running around after Matt Crawford for his shoot. They are planning to be going out in public for the first time.
  • Phil is still sorting through rubbish. Its bringing back some memories. Jill has found out that Freda had taken Bert’s poem about her teeth to stop him reading it. Very crafty of her! She had made him a special dinner to make up for his guilty conscience. They won’t tell Bert though.
  • It looks like Wayne might want Joe for his birthday show. The turkeys have turned up as well. They look pretty good. Clarrie is shocked to find out Wayne and Helen are together when they turn up at the Bull. Pat is a bit surprised that they want to join them. Helen was a bit nervous but she is rather surprised at the attention they are getting but Greg thinks she’s overreacting. Pat doesn’t like the idea of Helen touching Greg’s arm. Tony thinks she’s being standoffish and making a fuss. Helen is an adult and can choose her own friends. At least Greg is a decent sort. But Pat thinks they don’t know anything about him at all.

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