Lillian’s had the consultation for her facelift and Clarrie’s planning for Joe’s 80th

Radio Times: Brian loses his appetite.

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  • Lillian is back from London. The consultation went well but she hardly saw James. But he worked out she will have to go back to Guernsey before the op for tax reasons. But she will be able to spend a couple of weeks at Home Farm to recuperate. Brian is thrilled! Brian tells Jack everyone was very pleased with Jean Paul’s attempts with Hassett Hills lamb. The recipes really worked well. Lillian starts suggesting that Jack should have a face lift too. He could get rid of the bags under his eyes. Jack is rather put out! Next she starts on Jennifer’s worry lines and then wants to start on Brian. Lillian is fascinated by the whole thing but Brian is rather put off his lunch.
  • Clarrie and Pat are packing up for the shop. Its seems to be going very well. Clarrie’s pretty cross with Joe for heckling Bert. She’s also fed up with Ed for avoiding Emma now she knows she can’t be in the band. Its Joe’s 80th birthday soon. Clarrie really wants to pull out the stops.
  • Clarrie and Pat are tidying up in the dairy. The turkeys are arriving today so Eddie won’t be able to pick her up. Clarrie thinks that’s just as well now the van has been painted. It’s getting them the wrong sort of attention. Clarrie suddenly remembers Brenda got Betty on Wayne Foley’s show as the birthday guest last year. She wonders if Brenda could do that for Joe. Radio Borsetshire hasn’t been the same since Joe left.

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