Tim tries to reassure Ruth about her pregnancy and Helen spills the beans to her parents

Radio Times: Grumpy old men steal the show.

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  • Tim tries to reassure Ruth that the risks of the cancer recurring due to the pregnancy aren’t any higher. But she’s worried about the baby. There is a slight increased chance of foetal abnormality – 3 or 4% instead of 2% for the rest of the population. The chances of her having an uncomplicated pregnancy are very high. She could have an amniocentesis at 15 or 16 weeks to reassure her if that would help. Its good they’ll have moved into the farmhouse for good by the birth. They’ll certainly need the space.
  • Helen is about to spill the beans to Pat when Tony interrupts with an injured heiffer. Later they get the chance to talk. She tells Pat things are sorted out.. Pat is rather shocked to find out it’s Greg.
  • Bert is nervous about the Cabaret especially when he has to go on early. Jolene’s been let down by a contortionist from Edgeley. He can’t find his poem! Very unprofessional says Joe. He’s had to do some of his old poems instead. He can’t understand how its disappeared. He tries to do it from memory but he gets some heckling from the audience – mostly Joe, but Bert gets his own back. Perhaps they should form a double act.

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