Helen and Greg meet at has cottage and talk about their worlds

Radio Times: Family ties are revealed.

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  • Eddie has done well with the ornaments over the bank holiday. Jazzer might have some more work. Eddie’s also got a landscape contract lined up. Ed tries to persuade Jazzer he needs to tell Emma she can’t be in the band
  • Helen and Greg meet up at his cottage. Things have changed a bit since she was last there. Greg has found it much harder than he thought to be without Helen. She has been very confused about what is going on. She’s upset Greg doesn’t want to be seen with him. What’s wrong with her? Greg explains that the divorce had been rather messy and that he has two children he hadn’t told her about. Helen is shocked but she soon realises how painful it must have been for Greg. He hasn’t seen them for years and doesn’t even know if they are in the same house. He should have trusted her but she’ll give him another chance. They aren’t going to keep it in secret anymore either. That will cause some gossip.

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