Greg’s having Matt problems and Helen is still feeling down.

Radio Times: It’s not much of a holiday for Helen.

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  • Tony and Helen are loading up for the shop but Tony isn’t convinced its worth opening on a bank holiday and still thinks Helen should take a rest but she’d rather work through. Pat has just had a phone call that the local organic group has been invited to Prince Charles’ organic farm. Helen says she’d like to go but Pat wishes she’d been a bit more enthusiastic.
  • Greg is still having problems with Matt. He’s very concerned about his shoot but its not as if Greg can’t cope. Brian takes the chance to let Greg hear just how fed up with Matt he is too. He seems to think that explains why Greg has been looking so frazzled.
  • The shop has been going very well. Helen obviously made the right decision opening up. Bert wanted to get Freda’s honest opinion on his poem but she suddenly remembered she was baking so Bert offers Helen a sneak preview of his poem instead. Bert has the morning off because he has to work on Wednesday – he doesn’t mind because he overheard Ruth making a Doctor’s appointment and her health comes first. Greg rings to say he can’t stand not seeing Helen. They agree to meet up.
  • Tony has come over to Home Farm to take Lillian to the station but it turns out she didn’t trust him and so Jennifer has taken her instead. Tony is furious. That’s the last time he does anything for her. Brian agrees. Lillian is just too much.

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