A bit of confusion as David’s being protective of Ruth and Emma auditions for Dross

Radio Times: Emma hopes for fame.

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  • Ed and Jazzer are fed up that they have no lead singer and nowhere to rehearse for Dross. Emma turns up conveniently and Ed realises they may get to rehearse in Neil’s shed if they let Emma audition. Emma is not convinced and Jazzer is not so keen.
  • Bert Phil and David are sorting out which sheep to keep when Phil makes the mistake of asking Bert about his poem about Freda’s teeth. David hopes Jean Paul will be as inspired as Bert over the recipes for the Hassett Hills lamb. Ruth and Jill turn up carrying a table. David is furious. They shouldn’t be lifting heavy things. Jill is not impressed that David seems to think she’s in her dotage.
  • Emma is auditioning for Dross. It’s not going well. Jazzer thinks she should have more attitude. He has no intention of letting her sing but Emma still thinks she’s in with a chance – she’ll consider it.
  • Phil and Jill are passing on preserving jars to Bert. They’ve still got so much to clear. They all can’t wait for the whole business to be over. They haven’t given any thought to the Flower and Produce show yet although Bert isn’t impressed with the judge. He works for the Echo and he might want to get in with the boss by giving Jack a prize. There are lots of new classes this year including for the kids. Pip, Josh and Daniel will be interested. Jill is still complaining about David thinking she can’t cope but Phil thinks it might have be Ruth he was worried about. Of course it was. They keep forgetting how much she has been through. They must make sure she doesn’t do too much.
  • David admits to Ruth he overreacted but he couldn’t help himself. It’s strange to think there will be another baby soon. But they want to keep it to themselves for the time being.

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