Helen opens up to her Dad while David learns that he will be a dad again soon.

Radio Times: David and Ruth Remember haymaking.

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  • Pat and Tony have loaded the van with vegetables, leaving Helen to sleep on. Their reward is to be accused of tip-toeing round her like an invalid. She has noticed that many shops will be open on Monday, so she thinks she will open Ambridge Organics; she has nothing else she wants to do. Tony thinks it is crazy, she has to stop sometime. Perhaps he will try talking to her, everyone else has tried.
  • Matt has brought some friends down to the Am for some early morning fishing. He is dismissive of Brian’s protestation that the syndicate could object, since for this season they have exclusive rights. They might appear today but apparently Graham has fixed that. Matt is tempting his friends, so that they sign up for next year and pay big money.
  • Ruth has managed to purchase a pregnancy testing kit without meeting anyone but it is hurriedly put away when Brian arrives. He wants to tell Phil about Matt Crawford’s shooting plans which might affect Brookfield.
  • Helen is alone in the shop when both parents arrive to deliver more stock. Tony orchestrates a moment for a heart-to-heart and, after the usual initial denials, succeeds where others have failed. Helen admits that she has got in a bit of a mess. It is difficult to talk about it. It is complicated. She is not in serious trouble. Tony assures her that if she ever is, they will support her.
  • David finally gets rid of Brian and joins Ruth, who is about to read the result of the test. They are looking for a blue line. Like that one there!? Their thoughts go back to that night after hay making which was about the right time. They are both delighted.

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