Greg confides in George about his love life. Ruth and David discover that perhaps love is about to change their lives.

Radio Times: Groupies arrive at Grey Gables.

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  • The Grey Gables documentary has attracted some trade but not quite what was hoped for. A retired couple want to meet all the stars of the film and Caroline tells Greg that he is on their list. They reckon it is fun to stay at the real Fawlty Towers!
  • At Rickyard Cottage the Munro family have reported yet another problem. George has brought his rods to clear a blocked drain and he thinks the septic tank is backing up. The place seems to be falling apart, so there will be no more tenants until it is sorted. The people in the bungalow have had a lovely time.
  • Ruth keeps her appointment with Tim and goes through the symptoms but he can find nothing to cause concern. The conversation finally turns to Ruth’s periods and Tim wonders whether they have thought about another reason for her feeling a bit off-colour.
  • George is pleased to see that Greg has made something of his old decoy: with a pole in its chest it can be stationed in the shallows. He confesses that he is not sure about his forthcoming stay at The Lodge; he has never really made the transition from “Mr Woolley” to “Jack” and confesses that he still feels a bit socially inferior to his wife. He envies Greg who seems to have got his life organised but Greg thinks he would not have felt that way had George know him six years ago when he was going through a divorce. He confides in George about his two daughters aged 12 and 10 who are abroad with his ex-wife; he has not seen them for 4 years because access is made difficult. New relationships are hard at the best of times; how much of his past should he reveal, especially to someone who doesn’t have much of a past of her own. So there is someone? He is not sure yet. George’s advice is simple: such chances are rare, go for it, be honest.
  • David is smiling, not at the receding view of Eddie’s van, still displaying pigs rampant, but because Eddie has just paid his gambling debt. Ruth reports Tim’s tentative diagnosis. He didn’t do a test because it would be quicker for Ruth to do her own, so she had better get to a chemist.

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