Fallon is overjoyed with her exam results but Ed is in reflective mood. Eddie’s new van borders on the obscene

Radio Times: Eddie has pigs rampant.

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  • Neil has agreed to let Eddie use the dutch barn for turkeys. Of course, Mike is not happy about this and has a go at Eddie when he turns up in his van, fresh from the sign-writer. Clarrie is disgusted with it: there is a picture of “those pigs” on the back of the van.
  • Today being the day of Fallon’s exam results, Jolene thought that perhaps Ed might have come to see how she had got on but the thought had not entered his head. It is clear that Fallon has not talked to Ed about the course she plans to do, in Popular Music. Jolene probes without success to discover what Ed has done to upset Fallon. When Fallon returns it is with good news: she has passed all eight subjects, with Music one of her two A grades. She is on the course.
  • Two more opposite views would be impossible: Eddie thinks the van is a work of art and Clarrie is determined that it shall be painted over. Ed is rather disinterested and seems out of sorts.
  • Jolene cannot resist teasing Mike about the arm-wrestling but it was in a good cause and the proceeds from the fête amounted to about £1200. Pulling weed out of the river afterwards really makes his arm hurt. He is still doing that work; Brian Aldridge has not put a stop to it. Mike congratulates Fallon about her results, which of course her proud mum has told him all about. She wonders if her dad would give her some more guitar lessons, that is one thing he can for her. But that is for another day, tonight she will be partying in Borchester and her mum will gladly provide the transport, she deserves it for all the hard work.
  • Clarrie cannot load the shopping into the van fast enough. Oh no, the vicar has just driven past and she must have seen the pigs, the shame of it. They must be painted over! Eddie, on the other hand, reports that he has just been asked to quote for a landscaping job by a bloke who saw the pigs. If Eddie pays David his £20, the pigs can stay, otherwise she will obliterate them herself.

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