Peggy is supportive of Lilian’s face-lift plans. Matt is dismissive of Brian’s game policy concerns.

Radio Times: Peggy makes cutting remarks.

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  • George is having a necessary clear-out in preparation for the move. He and Christine will stay with Jack and Peggy but much of their belongings will have to go into store. A wooden decoy duck which he carved long ago draws the admiration of Greg who is quite keen to restore it even though George warns that it was never much use: it didn’t float. Brian, on his way to a meeting with Matt Crawford about game policy, calls to seek Greg’s views on the plans for the shooting and the fishing: Greg is supportive of Brian on both counts but is not keen to argue with Matt himself.
  • Peggy has called at Home Farm for a chat with Lilian but it is not, as expected, about interfering in Helen’s love-life. It concerns the face-lift which Jennifer has told her about; thanks, sister, for keeping the confidence. Lilian knows she should grow old gracefully but she finds it hard when she looks in the mirror. Surprisingly, Peggy is supportive, which reduces Lilian to tears; it isn’t what she and Jennifer would choose to do but maybe it is right for Lilian and will raise her self-esteem.
  • Matt has a new gun with which he is very pleased and keen to try out soon. Brian expresses his concern about extending the season and its effect on the wild partridge; it is not good practice and will give the shoot a bad name. He admits that the fishing syndicate had to go but not in such a high-handed way. Matt is not worried; there are plenty more to take their place who will pay good money. Brian feels that Matt looks no further than next season’s profits. Brian is exaggerating. They are talking about two extra partridge shoots. It is a minor disagreement. Does Brian really want to fall out over that?

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