Bert is back and Jack prepares to leave, after 44 years at Grey Gables.

Radio Times: Jack makes a big decision.

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  • Oliver is fired with enthusiasm to help Mike preserve his milk round; Caroline feels she would rather he put his effort into supporting her today because Jack and Peggy will be here soon to receive an offer for the hotel from Caroline and Oliver.
  • In just a few days, Kirsty can see that Monty the muntjac has grown, although he is still startled by her phone; it’s Brenda and she is in no hurry to answer. When Bert drops in, fresh from his holiday, he is not impressed that they are fostering such a destructive animal.
  • Jack is delighted that Caroline still wants to go ahead but her offer is less than he expected. Oliver is very firm: they cannot go higher and, with the loss of the golf course, it is a reasonable offer. He can, however, promise that the character of the hotel will not change. Jack needs to think and to consult his accountant.
  • Bert has lots of photographs to show – and that’s only one memory card; there are two more! He warns that if the fawn gets too bold and too friendly with the dogs it might not be able to survive in the wild.
  • Jack’s insistence on a walk around the Grey Gables garden might have been too much. What Caroline has offered is more than he will ever need but it will be his last big deal. He has to think of Peggy – and Hazel. Peggy recommends that he does what feels right; it would be a shame if his 44 years at Grey Gables were undone by selling to a big chain.

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