Caroline’s offer is accepted; she will soon be the owner of Grey Gables. There’s more sibling conflict at Home Farm.

Radio Times: It’s judgement day for Caroline.

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  • Tom is cock-ahoop: Nigel has asked him to cater for a corporate event at Lower Loxley. Surely Brian must now agree to increase pig numbers.
  • Brian urges caution: these big events generally over-estimate. Tom has thought of that and has negotiated a guarantee of £500. On Sunday Tom will be at the rugby sevens. Brian breaks off to insist that Adam goes immediately to check some wheat with suspected mildew – Debbie had sent an email about it. He agrees but he is not pleased. Back to the pigs and Brian is not going to be rushed by Tom; he is thinking about it.
  • Tony has been invited to Grange; Oliver has an idea to help Mike’s milk round by concentrating on quality. Tony could not supply such a quantity – all his goes into dairy produce – and anyway he is organic and that would put the price up. Oliver begins to see the problems as Jack and Peggy arrive.
  • Adam has found that 40 acres have bad mildew. They need to be sprayed but why must it be Adam, who is so busy? Grudgingly he agrees to do it in the morning. As he trudges back to the lambing shed, his sister is not his favourite person.
  • Caroline can hardly believe it; Jack has accepted her offer and all are delighted. Well, nearly all: Tony has a quiet word with his mother about better ways to arrange things, avoiding all that tax. But Peggy’s prime concern is Jack’s welfare and already the lifting of the burden has made him calmer and more relaxed. Caroline will look after the hotel as he would wish. If it brings him peace, that’s all that matters to Peggy.

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