The news of Grey Gables travels; George, too, is going to travel – Will insists.

Radio Times: Will takes the bull by the horns.

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  • Brenda is annoyed and upset that Kirsty has provided one curt response to all her messages; obviously she does not want to be Brenda’s friend any more. Hayley thinks maybe she doesn’t know what to say; her split from Tom is not long ago. Further discussion is curtailed by Roy ringing with the good news about Grey Gables – and he knows that Trudy is leaving …
  • … Ian walks in on Roy and overhears that tit-bit, which is still confidential. He wants to ring Adam with the same good news but Adam is not able to listen: Graham Ryder craves his attention.
  • Ed is taking advantage of Emma’s cleaning duty to have a nose around Honeysuckle Cottage but is nearly discovered when a rather irate Adam returns unexpectedly.
  • When Roy told him the news, Mike seemed pleased, or at least relieved. Hayley has high hopes Roy will get Trudy’s job. More immediately she is worried about Mike; they need to get him to a doctor: if his depression is returning it should be nipped in the bud.
  • When he has finished explaining how Graham Ryder shouted at him – because Debbie had not told him what was going on, namely Adam had been asked (or told!) to spray the wheat – Adam finally gets round to listening to Ian’s news.
  • William pays an unexpected call at the caravan to inform Emma about dates and flights for the holiday. Emma insists she will not let George go and makes the mistake of implying that Will might not bring him back; even Ed recognises that was a bad move but it has already been said. Will is furious; George is going with him to Tenerife and that’s the end of it.

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