Alistair and Shula are at loggerheads again.

Radio Times: Alistair rethinks his priorities.

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  • For a man who is reluctant to start building his own cart for the Soap Box Derby, Alistair is showing great interest in Sid’s. So much so that he has not gone home for dinner and Shula has come looking for him. She thought he might like dinner with his family but if he would prefer the drink Matt has just offered him, fine. Well if it’s fine, then he will stay.
  • Sid and Jolene are expecting Caroline to come and tell them that she has bought Grey Gables without the need to sell her share of The Bull; that, at least, is how they see it. Testing reveals that Sid’s cart is not quite perfect but his ego is more badly bruised than his leg.
  • Alistair and Matt are looking forward to an evening of poker. Chalkie is talking about ‘no limit’ and Matt wants to take his money. Alistair feels on a roll, so he has nothing to worry about.
  • Fallon confides in her mother that she is bored. She has an offer to be musical director on an aural history film. Go for it, in spite of not being paid: Jolene thinks this is an opportunity to be taken.
  • Back at The Stables, Alistair’s optimism has certainly not translated into an improved mood. A row ensues about the little time he spends with Daniel, how little he does with him. Surely making a cart cannot be that difficult! In that case, Shula is invited to do it herself – make it and race it – then she can give herself a big old pat on the back. Just leave Alistair out of it.

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