Kenton volunteers to build Daniel’s cart and Oliver has the mad idea to get back into dairy farming.

Radio Times: Oliver takes on a new challenge.

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  • Bert is full of his Indian trip and is explaining it all to Ruth ad nauseam, so she is not slow to unload him onto David when the opportunity arises; he needs the help with some fencing anyway. The trip has certainly given Bert a new spiritual outlook.
  • A tearful Shula needs someone to talk to, although Caroline doesn’t know what to say to her. She thinks Alistair doesn’t want a wife any more, just a housemaid who will not bother him. But taking it out on Daniel is new.
  • Mike has been persuaded to see the doctor and is relieved to be told that he does not have depression; he is grieving and it will ease in time. He is best when he is busy, so he has a full day planned. When he bumps into Oliver, he is surprised to learn that Oliver has been working on his behalf to seek a local milk supplier; his lack of success has given Oliver an idea.
  • Now David is getting the Indian festivity lesson, until they spot some rubbish on the bridleway; someone has been fly tipping. At least David has won a trolley that will be good for making Josh’s cart.
  • Shula calls Caroline to report that Kenton has offered to build Daniel’s cart. But he is not daft; he will realise that something is wrong. Caroline has her own problem now: Oliver has had the mad idea to start up the Grange Farm dairy herd again, just as they have bought a hotel – crazy, or what!

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