Oliver puts an idea to Ed. Tom finds himself stuck.

Radio Times: Ed spots a new opportunity.

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  • Oliver has complimentary tickets for the Rugby 7s at Felpersham, and invites Ed to come along. At first he’s not keen, but when he gets there, finds that he enjoys it.
  • Tom and Brenda have secured a pitch at the Rugby tournament, though Brenda is more interested in the players’ thighs than the gourmet grills. She’s still upset at the way Kirsty is behaving towards her, and doesn’t want to go to the Bull in case they meet.
  • Brian is pleased with Tom’s enterprise, though stops short at discussing an increase in the pig herd. When Tom and Brenda are swamped by customers, he even lends a hand, though Tom feels that Brian’s seizing yet another chance to show him up.
  • Oliver tells Ed about his idea for starting a dairy herd to supply Mike Tucker. Ed’s very keen; it could mean a fulltime job for him.
  • Matt can’t understand why Brian and Oliver don’t share his interest in the hospitality tent, but actually want to watch the Rugby. He tells Brian that he’s going to demote Graham Rider once Debbie has the estate sorted – but Brian will have to smooth Graham’s ruffled feathers.
  • After a busy day, Tom finds that his trailer is stuck in the mud. But at least Brian isn’t there to witness it.

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