Ian gives Emma some good advice. David takes on a new role.

Radio Times: Emma finds a new best friend.

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  • David is still cross with Kenton for using the bridleway as a race track. He and Bert set to putting in posts to stop it happening again. Bert is back into Ambridge mode, concerned about the state of the church steeple.
  • Emma tells Ian that she likes working for him and Adam. She also tells him about Will’s plans to take George on holiday. Ian suggests that she should let him go. It would mean that he didn’t have to hear his parents rowing, and might make Will feel better disposed towards Emma.
  • Alan and Usha have a meal with David and Ruth. The Bishop has agreed to present the prizes at the soap-box Derby, to show public support for Alan and Usha. The only problem is that they have no commentator. A reluctant David is persuaded to give it a go.

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