Adam pours oil on troubled waters. Caroline stirs up troubled waters.

Radio Times: Sid learns not to make assumptions.

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  • Adam turns up late for a meeting with Graham Rider about the estate land, and gets a very arrogant response from Graham, who claims to be far too busy to see him. He graciously says he might be able to spare a few minutes at the Bull later, before the quiz.
  • Caroline and Carly get on well over some cooking, and they agree to go ice-skating at the weekend. Carly’s mum used to take her, and it’s a useful bond. But when Christopher Carter arrives to show Carly his soap-box, she forgets all about the meal she’s cooked, and goes off to try it out.
  • Adam catches up with Graham, who is angry that Adam took it upon himself to spray the mildewed crops. Adam points out that as far as Matt and Debbie are concerned, he is just a lackey, but he does agree to keep Graham informed of their decisions. A mollified Graham offers Adam a place on the Straightened Arrows quiz team, with himself and Nathan Booth.
  • Carly uses her feminine wiles on Christopher to good effect. Forgetting all about her supper, she settles down to a romantic evening.
  • Sid apologises to Caroline for his reaction to the news that she would be selling her share of the Bull, but when a shocked Caroline is forced to tell him it’s still for sale, Sid’s mood quickly changes.

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