Emma makes plans to move. Kenton helps Daniel build a soap-box cart.

Radio Times: Kenton reads between the lines.

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  • Ed and Emma discuss the possibility of Oliver setting up a dairy herd, To Emma, it means having the money to rent a flat, but Ed’s more cautious; it may never happen.
  • Will arrives to pick George up, and is distinctly unpleasant to Emma. She says he can take George to Tenerife as long as she speaks to Rosie first, and Will phones her every day. He refuses point blank, but reluctantly agrees to text her.
  • Jill senses the tension in Shula as they choose a piano stool for Phil’s birthday, but Shula won’t discuss her problems.
  • Emma asks Kenton if she and Ed could rent the flat above Jaxx, but Kenton has other things on his mind, notably Underwoods’ BOGOF offer, which has decimated his trade.
  • Kenton helps Daniel with his soap-box, since Alistair has no time. Shula comments that Daniel lights up when Kenton appears; Alistair shows no interest at all. It’s as if he’s taking his hatred of Shula out on Daniel.
  • Emma tells Ed that the flat is virtually theirs. Ed wonders how she’ll mange her cleaning and shop work, but Emma’s determined it will work. When Will brings George back, she announces that they are moving to Borchester.

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