Bert is relieved to learn that Freda only has eyes for him.

Radio Times: Like mother, like daughter at Bridge Farm.

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  • Pip has been helping her dad with the milking but has other plans for the rest of the day – she wants a lift to go and help Jonathan but David is too busy to take her. He really wants her to help out on this farm!
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat and Helen are composing their letter of objection to the digester project. They are interrupted by Oliver who has come to discuss the cheese and apparently look at it, though what good that will do is not clear.
  • Jill has been roped in to take Ruth and the children out, including a lift for Pip. Tempers are fraying, especially Pip’s. Bert is there to see them off; he is much happier today having talked to Freda who assured him he is the only man for her. However, she has put him on a diet. He has an hour or two to help David out on the farm – the least he can do for the man who ‘saved his marriage’.
  • Oliver is standing and looking forlornly at several thousand pounds worth of cheese; its fate is in the hands of the Enforcement Officer next week.
  • Jill is keen to mark Phil’s 80th birthday party in some way, though another party seems excessive. Ruth hits upon the idea of a family outing to the National Space Centre.

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