Quiz night at the Bull goes well without Lilian.

Radio Times: Sid is asking the questions at The Bull.

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  • It’s quiz night at the Bull. David is persuaded to join in. A lot of competition though. Eddie has decided he is going to win the Easter Egg after 6 weeks of deprivation. Meantime Eddie is really worried about Ed; he’s taken the TB in the herd really hard.
  • Lilian decides she is teaming up with David for the quiz and Matt is going with Eddie. They have a lot of fun marking each other answers but neither wins. Matt doesn’t think it sounds like anymore fun to be heading for Lower Loxley’s Easter festivities on Monday. But then he’s generally miserable after a row with Pat about the digester. And it’s news to David that Pat has sent in her letter of objection to the Council.
  • Matt admits to Lilian that he’s had enough of her family. There are so many of them and they can all trace their routes back to the Doomsday Book. So it’s home for a quiet night in. But not before Lilian takes some nail scissors to the greenery hiding her name on the Bull pub sign. Sid is “very impressed”. But at least they still have the pub to themselves again.

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