Phil wants his birthday just with his 4 children. Alan is planning a special thank you for Usha.

Radio Times: Alan counts his blessings at St Stephen’s.

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  • Alan is getting himself into a state about the Parish walk and Usha tries to calm him down. Ruth and Jill enjoy their walk and Ruth is pleased to get the chance to organise Phil’s birthday trip to the Space Centre. She is so bored and she hopes to be allowed to do more after her check next week. On his actual birthday though, Phil only wants supper with their four actual children. Ruth is a bit surprised but thinks it’s a nice idea. But at least they can all contribute to an updated telescope for a present.
  • Kathy and Pat have had their letters about the trial. No getting out of it now. It’s two weeks today. Pat has put in her letter about the digester. She’s done all she can on that front now. Now she is into transitional communities. Gradually moving to more sustainable living – community orchards etc. She wants all villages to be involved maybe even Borchester. Kathy thinks it might be a bit ambitious.
  • Alan is feeling guilty about how little time he is spending with Usha. He will make it up to her. Even Lynda has noticed how much help she has been. And Alan says he has planned a very special thank you for Usha. He just has to decide how and when to do it.

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