Abbie is out of the incubator and in a cot.

Radio Times: Ed and Oliver play the waiting game.

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  • Nic is planning a big spring clean and Will can’t believe she hasn’t got anything better to do. But then Hayley invites her to see Abbie and that seems more important which amazes Will even more!
  • Ed and Oliver are waiting for the visit from the Environmental Health Officer. People are cancelling their milk because of the TB even though there is no risk. It’s so frustrating. The EHO is happy with the milking process and the pasteurisation area and so the milk can still be sold. But less good on the cheese. They can’t sell anything until they have the results of the post mortems. So the only option for the cheese is to get the milk from another herd.
  • When Will and Nic get to the hospital, Hayley is in floods of tears. But it turns out it’s because Abbie is out of the incubator and in a cot without the oxygen mask!
  • Roy, Hayley, Nic and Will have a drink in the pub to celebrate and Will is surprised to hear about their plans for Willow Farm. It seems to relieve him a bit since completion on No.1 The Green is due at the end of the week. Though Roy throws a bit of a spanner in the works by mentioning things might change over the TB. And then a bit more confusion arises when Hayley mentions the possibility of more babies at Casa Nueva.

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