Alice is back from South Africa and seems to be happy with everyone. Alan proposes to Usha and she says yes!

Radio Times: Usha sees a different side to Alan.

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  • Alan tries to buy a special lunch for Usha but it already starts going wrong. They go for a stroll afterwards but even that doesn’t work quite the way he’d planned. He worries that he ruins everything by talking about his work but Usha loves him for it.
  • Alice is back from South Africa and seems to be in a very good mood. She’s even brought a present back for Ruairi. Her pictures are amazing – even the ones of her bungee jumping. And she asks for a kiss from Brian. He is amazed!
  • Brenda gets to hold Abbie for the first time. She is still bothered that Roy isn’t really talking to her. She knows she was selfish over the house but she didn’t mean it. Hayley promises she doesn’t blame her that Abbie was premature and she will have another word for Roy. In the meantime they’ve decided Lewis will do the plans for Willow Farm.
  • Just as Usha is leaving to go back to work in the car park, Alan finally says he has something he wants to ask – Will she marry him? Usha is shocked but says yes of course! Even if it was in the car park, at least it was where they first got together. He can’t believe it. She said yes!

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