Oliver’s cattle had no lesions at least. Kathy is told she will have to bring up the recent assault by Taylor herself at trial.

Radio Times: The countdown begins for Kathy.

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  • Oliver isn’t showing a lot of interest in the plans for the Team Chase. He’s far more worried about the herd. He’s not had any luck sourcing another lot of milk for making cheese so he might have to slaughter the herd which is unthinkable. It’s not him that will suffer. It’s Mike and Ed.
  • Usha tells Alan about the proposal. Not the most romantic venue but Usha is still glowing. Amy is delighted but Usha doesn’t want anyone else to know. The Archdeacon is supportive though. Not sure Mabel and Usha’s family will be quite that thrilled.
  • Kathy and Kenton are quite interested in the Team Chase but Kenton is sulking because Shula has been bossing him about Phil’s birthday. She doesn’t want him falling out with Elizabeth. Hopefully the trial will be over by then and Taylor will be convicted so there will be nothing to fall out about. Meantime she gets a call to prepare for the trial – how to dress and how to answer the questions etc. But she is shocked to hear that the recent assault won’t automatically be put before the Court. It will be up to Kathy to bring it up and questioning. Just when she thinks she knows what she is up against she has to start all over again.
  • Ruth thinks Brookfield might be able to help out with the milk for the Grange Farm cheese. The butterfat isn’t as high as the Guernseys but it’s pretty good. Turns out the cattle had no lesions so maybe things won’t be that bad.

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