Will tests Nic by leaving her alone with George but all seems to be fine.

Radio Times: It’s a testing time for Nic.

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  • Emma is still not happy about handing over George to Will. She doesn’t want him left alone with Nic. Will then tells Nic he has to go out and is clearly just staying out of the way to see how things go with Nic. Brian catches him and sends him home but while will calls home he says he won’t be back for hours.
  • Alice has already been roped back into helping with the riding on the farm but is still committed to helping the orphanage in South Africa. And she admits to Adam that she has begun to understand the price Brian and Siobhán – as well as Ruairi had to pay. She’s also made friends with Amy again and news of Usha and Alan’s wedding is already leaking out from that channel!
  • Brian tells David about the future of Home Farm. He will retain a “standard” get out clause if Adam and Debbie mess up but it’s pretty much up to them now. The main thing is that Ruairi’s future is assured.
  • Will eventually gets home and finds all fine at Casa Nueva, this time.

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