Bert is urged to give in gracefully. Kenton makes a tactical withdrawal.

Radio Times: There is an unexpected arrival at Lower Loxley and Joe finally gets the recognition he deserves.

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  • At Lower Loxley, Nigel has noticed a problem on the roof; a builder is coming later to assess the extent of it and to give them a quotation. Elizabeth agrees with him that the two schools they are considering both look good and the twins are overjoyed.
  • After the storm comes the storm: Kathy and Kenton are having a frank exchange of views on the state of their relationship. It’s not pretty, with accusations and counter-accusations on both sides. Kenton particularly objects to Kathy bringing Jamie and Meriel into the argument.
  • Bert has put a lot of thought into the Lower Loxley allotments; Nigel is impressed and grateful. For Bert it has been a diversion from other issues: Lynda Snell’s ‘stupid’ idea about ledges for peregrine falcons and the proposed appointment of Joe as a vegetable judge. Nigel persuades him that he is big enough to rise above his objections to Joe; Bert’s own turn may come.
  • Eddie is surprised to find Kenton at home in the middle of the day but any chance of discovering why is scuppered by Joe’s announcement about his appointment. He would like to see the look on Bert Fry’s face.
  • How much? The builder has given his initial estimate. Nigel explains to Lizzie that the damage is more extensive than can be seen from the ground. They can’t afford it, so they should get other quotes; it would be best to get it fixed before the winter. Then they get a surprise visit from Kenton, hoping to stay for a few days. It’s the best way, he assures his sister, to take the heat out of the situation.

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