Harry uses his skills to help Jolene. Ambridge learns that Kenton has left home.

Radio Times: Jolene and Kathy have a heart to heart and Harry launches an online initiative.

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  • Trade at the Bull is slack, so Fallon asks Nic if she’ll stay on while Fallon takes Jolene to watch Jamie play cricket. Nic’s unsure at first, but as long as she’s back before Will, she thinks it’ll be all right.
  • Harry tells Nic about his new flat, and they discuss the situation at the Bull. Harry thinks they should set up a supporters’ website, so that people can post photos and messages of support. Nic’s very impressed.
  • Jamie’s playing his first match for Ambridge, but all Jolene can see is his similarity to Sid. They’re joined by Kathy, and while Fallon goes to chat to her friends, Kathy tells Jolene that Kenton has left her. It is, of course, all Kenton’s fault. Jolene actually shows some interest, and offers support. After all, Jamie is all they’ve got left.
  • Jamie’s caught out for 16, and is very down about it, despite encouraging words all round. Kathy wants them to spend the evening together, but Jamie has other plans. He’s off to Marty’s. Unable to see that this is normal teenage boy behaviour, Kathy reverts to martyr mode.
  • The amazing Harry sets up the website in minutes, though he’ll need to tweak it when he gets home. Nic shares his enthusiasm. When Fallon returns, she’s full of the news about Kenton’s departure. Harry thinks it could be a good thing; now Jolene might realise that other people have problems, too.

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