Bert reveals his concerns and prepares for India. Sid returns from the bank with bad news.

Radio Times: Sid dusts off his begging bowl.

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  • Hayley is late for work: Phoebe dissolved into tears this morning when it suddenly hit her that Nana will not be coming back. Elizabeth says that Freddy was just the same. Hayley explains that her and Roy’s plans to find a place of their own are on the back burner: they cannot leave Mike for a while.
  • It doesn’t make sense to David: going to India was Freda’s dream and their son Trevor is willing to pay for the trip but they are not going and that’s that. Will Bert be in the pub tonight?
  • Jolene does her best to send Sid off to the bank in a positive frame of mind but he thinks they will need another investor.
  • Usha calls at Lower Loxley between appointments and voices her concern that Alan has been summoned to see the bishop – who is not saying why. She fears that he will be hauled over the coals on her account.
  • Bert is indeed in the pub, so David and Jolene together are able to spell out, unequivocally, that they are fully supportive of Bert and Freda’s holiday to India. Yes, responds Bert, so that they can both be pensioned off and thrown out of their home! Once he has been reassured that their jobs and their home are secure, for as long as they want them, it’s time to ring Trevor and tell him to go ahead – after Bert has consulted Freda, of course.
  • The bank had a lot of nice things to say about the way The Bull is being run and they are willing to increase his mortgage – but not by nearly enough. His friend Mickey has made a few calls but so far it seems that nobody is interested in buying half a pub.

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