Alan is comforted by the bishop’s response – Usha is not.

Radio Times: Alan’s thankful for friends in high places.

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  • The reason that Alan has been summoned to the bishop is that he has received three letters from parishioners about Alan and Usha.
  • It’s Election Day and Lilian deserted her post outside the polling station after only 7 voters turned up. Ruth encourages her to mobilise the older voters, so she needs Jade to drive them. Matt is not going to like this.
  • According to the letters, Alan’s relationship is inappropriate for a priest. Fortunately the bishop does not agree, indeed he is very pleased for Alan if he has found someone with whom to share life’s joys and burdens. He will respond appropriately to the letters and is keen to meet Usha.
  • Matt didn’t like it! In the end Lilian convinces him that this one last (!) effort will be worthwhile to get her elected.
  • Usha is glad that she does not have to get her bosses’ approval. She is used to people picking over their relationship (Satya has done plenty of that) but finds it disconcerting that the Bishop of Felpersham is doing it.
  • The die is cast. The polls have closed. Lilian is rather disappointed to find that most of the people Jade tried to ferry to the polling station had already voted: Robert took them early this morning.
  • In The Bull, Usha pours out her feelings to Ruth; she had not been able to do so to Alan when he was so buoyed up by the positive response from the bishop. She was beginning to feel accepted but the knowledge that she has neighbours who do not like her has brought it all back – the attacks. Matt is fresh from the Village Hall and needs a drink: Lynda Snell has demanded a recount.

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