Caroline shares her secret with Sid but Jolene will not respect the confidence.

Radio Times: Jolene won’t accept defeat.

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  • Sid and Jolene are running out of options but Jolene has a bright idea. The bank will lend them some money, more than enough to buy just a 2% holding which would give them a controlling interest – if Caroline will sell.
  • Cleaning out the hens is not a pleasant job at the best of times and, because it has been left longer than usual, the smell is worse. As Hayley works with Brenda on the task, she raises the prospect of not keeping the hens in future. Brenda is initially upset but realises that this course may be necessary.
  • Lynda emerged the victor in the PC election, beating Nathan Booth by just four votes. Lilian also did well but then her helper had most of the men in the village eating out of her hand; Lynda suspects foul play on the expenses front but further discussion is curtailed by a visit from Sid.
  • Sid makes his plea but the answer is no. Caroline needs to raise a great deal of money and she must get the best price she can for her share in The Bull; 51% is a lot more attractive than 49%. Recognising Sid’s difficulty in understanding this decision, she tells him – in strictest confidence – why she is selling.
  • Mike plants the apple tree for Betty and wishes he had done it years ago. Brenda will not go back to university yet and will be at home for her birthday; Mike cannot understand why Tom is organising something.
  • When Sid reports back to Jolene, she is really annoyed. Although Sid accepted the information about the sale of Grey Gables in confidence, Jolene does not feel at all bound to keep quiet; she thinks their customers have a right to know.

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