Jolene tells the world about Caroline’s plans. Peggy isn’t pleased.

Radio Times: David gets a frosty reception.

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  • David wakes up to discover that Sam failed to shut the door to the milking parlour, and the pipes are frozen solid; he can’t start milking for at least an hour. Ruth sets to heating water to thaw the pipes.
  • Adam priggishly has a go at Ian for his failure to put a bath towel back on the heated rail, but Ian’s unrepentant. They’re both off to work, and Adam’s meeting Alistair at the Bull for lunch.
  • David eventually gets the parlour unfrozen and starts the milking. He’s in no mood to start decorating, though Ruth seems unusually keen. David would rather be flying off to Gran Canaria, like Lilian and Matt, even if it would mean missing the Parish Council meeting.
  • As Adam waits for Alistair, Jolene tells him about Caroline’s plans to sell the Bull in order to finance her bid for Grey Gables. Adam’s horrified, and quickly phones Ian. They decide to go and see Peggy as soon as Ian finishes his shift.
  • Sid’s none too pleased at the way Jolene is telling everyone about Caroline’s plans; he did promise to keep it confidential, but Jolene doesn’t see it that way.
  • Peggy’s none too pleased, either, when she meets Ian and Adam. She gives them what comfort she can, which isn’t much, and says she’ll have strong words with Caroline for being so indiscreet.

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