Peggy gives Caroline an earful. Brenda makes a decision about her birthday.

Radio Times: Peggy exercises some damage control.

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  • As Oliver sets out on a day’s hunting, Caroline is off to Grey Gables. She’s puzzled because Peggy has phoned to say she wants to see her, and she sounded rather distant.
  • Mike has asked Brenda to show him how to cook, and she doesn’t know where to start. Luckily, the ever-practical Hayley has some good ideas, including the purchase of frozen pastry.
  • Tom calls to ask Brenda if she’s made any decision about her birthday. She doesn’t want a party, just a meal and a film with Tom, who’s clearly delighted at the prospect. Brenda remembers that John died on Tom’s birthday, and realises how difficult it must be for him.
  • A very frosty Peggy gives Caroline a major telling-off. She’s surprised that Caroline hasn’t heard the gossip herself, since the news that Jack is selling is all round Grey Gables and the Bull. Caroline is genuinely horrified, but quickly realises that Sid must be the source, though she doesn’t tell Peggy this. Jack is determined to tell the staff himself, and this must be done tomorrow. Having reduced Caroline to shreds, Peggy sweeps out.
  • As Brenda and Hayley laugh at the hens’ antics, Roy arrives home, in a worried state. He tells Hayley the news from Grey Gables. What are they going to do? There’s no certainty that he’ll be kept on, and they can’t move out while Mike is so upset.
  • Caroline arrives home to find that Oliver has lit the fire; his day’s hunting was cut short by his horse going lame, so at least he’s there to listen to her tale of woe.

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