The future looks bleak at Grey Gables and fairly bleak at Home farm.

Radio Times: Brian prepares to tighten his belt.

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  • Gloom is in the air at Home Farm. Adam is worried about Ian’s job, and Brian drops a bombshell by announcing that the farm is running at a loss. He suggests, though none too seriously, selling up and retiring to the South of France. Adam thinks they should try and regain the estate contract – he’ll even tackle Matt about it himself.
  • Roy’s gloomy too, at the prospect of a chain taking over Grey Gables and him becoming a cog in a huge wheel. Peggy tries to reassure him, but without success.
  • Jack tells the staff at Grey Gables that he has decided to sell. He tries to tell them that their jobs are protected by law, but gets an angry response, and is upset. Caroline does her best to calm him, but once again gets Peggy’s best glacial touch. If she and Oliver can’t match the best offer in three weeks, Jack will be selling to the highest bidder.

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