Pat is tentative about a business venture. Tom is confident about his business venture. Matt sees yet another business venture.

Radio Times: Matt looks to expand his empire.

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  • Pat’s spent time designing bags for the carrots, in her bid to turn supermarket sales around, but Tony says it’s a waste of time. Helen is much more supportive, and urges Pat to give it a go; it must be better than binning half the crop.
  • A delighted Tom and a mildly less negative than usual Tony find exactly the right vehicle for Tom’s Gourmet Grills venture. Tom will pick it up once the finance is sorted out. Tony suggests a drink to celebrate, but Tom’s meeting Brenda and Pat wants to watch TV. She suggests that he give Mike a ring; an evening out would do him good.
  • Tom tells Brenda about the van, and she agrees to go with him to fetch it, and to drive Tom’s car back. Tony appears at the Bull without Mike, and Brenda tells Tom that’s why she can’t go back to university – he needs her there. Tom suggests taking the year out, and starting the first year again. Brenda thinks she might do that, if she can sort her finances out.
  • Adam tries to speak to Matt about regaining the estate contract, but gets nowhere. Matt tells him he’s quite happy with current arrangements, and in any case, he’s off to Gran Canaria, so hasn’t time to see Adam.
  • Oddly, Matt’s high-pressure lifestyle does allow him time to talk to Jolene, who bends his ear about the future of the Bull. Matt sees a business opportunity looming.

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