Bert prepares to conquer India. Lynda prepares to take over the Parish Council. Alan and Usha join forces against racism.

Radio Times: Bert plans his passage to India.

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  • Susan is getting to grips with her new management position, and finds that the stock is in disarray. Usha calls in to buy her copy of the Echo, and they laugh at the picture of Ambridge’s two new councillors on the front page.
  • Bert can talk of nothing but his trip to India, which seems to include not only the Taj Mahal, but a Dahlia Show. Ruth is relieved when Alan calls round for a chat, and interrupts Bert in mid-flow.
  • Lynda has a new role, too, and is wasting no time. She asks Susan to display a poster in the shop, calling for volunteers to look after the playground. She also manages a swipe at Lilian’s decision to take a holiday so soon after being elected, and buys three copies of the Echo.
  • Alan asks Ruth if she knows why Usha is being so cautious about having lunch with the Bishop. Ruth realises that the racist attacks she suffered might be affecting her relationship with Alan, and tells him that he really needs to ask Usha for the full picture.
  • Alan wastes no time, and goes straight round to Honeysuckle Cottage. Rather reluctantly, Usha tells him the awful details of the attack, and Alan is appalled – especially by the fact that Roy was involved. He tells Usha how hard it was for him and Catherine when they lived in Nottingham and were the victims of racism. They agree that this can only strengthen their relationship, and a relieved Usha says it might even give her the strength to have lunch with the Bishop.

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