Mike knows he’s dependent. Caroline is despondent. Jolene is desperate.

Radio Times: It’s a race against time for Sid and Jolene.

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  • David finds Caroline airing the Dower House ready for putting it on the market. She’s well aware of the way Jolene has been blackening her character, and feels the whole idea of buying Grey Gables is doomed from the start. Even Oliver’s potential business partner won’t commit himself.
  • Alan calls round to see how Mike is doing, and finds that Mike is dreading the idea of the family leaving him. He knows Brenda should go back to university, but he needs her there, and he’s worried that Roy will lose his job and move away if Grey Gables is sold. Alan tries to tell him how hard he found things when he was widowed, but is interrupted by Tony, trying again to get Mike down to the Bull. Alan encourages him to go.
  • Sitting gloomily in her office, Caroline is cheered up by Ian, who drops in to pledge his support for her bid to buy the hotel. He tells her the whole staff would like to see her in charge.
  • As time runs out for Sid and Jolene to find a business partner, Jolene resorts to desperate measures. She asks David whether Shula or Chris could afford it. David is saved by the arrival of Mike and Tony. For once, Jolene’s blunt approach works wonders – she understands just how Mike feels about coming to the Bull now that there’s no-one at home for him. Then Jolene wonders aloud about asking Lilian to buy a share – but the thought of Matt and his sidekick being involved make that one a non-starter. The fact is, they’re running out of time.

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