Emma is planning to go back to work – but only part time.

Radio Times: Ruth and David start “Changing Rooms”.

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  • Sid is getting very worried about the Bull. It’s been his life and he might lose it. Jolene is trying to sound confident.
  • David and Ruth have started stripping the living room but it’s tough work. He’s not looking forward to Lynda’s first council meeting on Thursday.
  • Emma is thinking about going back to work part time. Everything seems so different now compared to the ideas she had when she was pregnant. She does miss work though and it’s worked out well now that Ed and she are both working part time.
  • Ruth is surprised to hear that Emma only wants to go part time – she’s pretty sure Kenton is expecting her back full time. Jolene is also surprised to find out that Oliver has shares in Hungary. He seems to have money everywhere. Sid has thought of a business mate who might be interested, but in the meantime, Caroline wants to send an agent round to look at the pub.

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