Kenton wants Emma back full time or not at all. Sid finally gets some interest in the pub.

Radio Times: Kenton takes a tough line.

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  • Caroline isn’t looking forward to taking the agent around the Bull. Who knows how Jolene will behave. Oliver doesn’t see it is a problem that Ed will have to be less flexible with Emma back at work.
  • Kenton is rather surprised to hear the news that Emma is only planning to come back part time. He’s not very impressed with her plans. He really wants her back full time or not at all. But he does at least agree to ask if the current girl will stay on part time. Emma is going to have to tell Will that his “floating afternoon” just isn’t going to work.
  • Sid tries to persuade Jolene to be reasonable with Caroline. They might need more time yet and they don’t want her to put her back up. Jolene tries but she and Caroline still come to blows. But Sid does get some good news. It seems as if his friend really might be interested in buying into the pub. They might be alright after all!

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